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Taylor and Natalie spotted @ Fanfest in Tulsa!

Special thanks to Celine and Lucile for the following Fanfest review and pics!!!!


Ashley Greyson was at Fanfest. We met him, so he knew we were French and a little while after he came to us and brought us to the "VIP" balcony.
It was around 10 p.m. Nathan Brant was playing. Isaac came first, then Taylor. They were really nice. We talked about our trip in Us and they also ask where we live in France. We ask about the album, if they were still in Studio and they said yes ... . They also talked about a documentary wich will be released soon... We talked about the song "Someone" (Half in French, half in English). It was funny.
All I want to say is that they were really really nice.





*NEW* Fanfest Picture!!!!!

Do you have a Fanfest story or pics!!!! We'd love to host them!!!!                   sbj: Fanfest

The following review and pics are thanks to HansonFanHigh:
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Here is a quick little review of my trip to tulsa for FanFest 2002.
We arrived in Tulsa around 2, and decided to take the people with us to MOE House (there were 7 of us at the time, in 2 cars) so we drove by, and about 4 cars were in the driveway, including ike's car. So we went to a gas station to *ahem* and when we went back, Ike was packing up the car. So that was fun. That was basically the excitement for the day *lol*

Then, the day of FanFest, we got up early, went out to eat and not what, and got to fanfest between 7 & 8 pm. Just as we arrived, Tina Rose got on stage. She was very interesting :) Then after she was done, Admiral Twin took the stage. They were totally awesome. Everyone was rocking out, and I'm sure it brought back alot of memories for any fans there that had attended the Albertane Tour. Then they left, and Upside took the stage. Talk about an AWESOME. They rocked the house DOWN. (You should REALLY check them out at Anyway, after upside played, we went to the side and waited for Hero Factor to come on, when my friends come running up to me in a panic and tell me Isaac Hanson was up in the balcony with all the staff members, I look up and sure enough, there he is. We proceed to sit at a table, and I gawk at him the entire time. And i notice someone else up there, with a hat on, and after 5 minutes of studying his face, i realize Taylor has joined his brother, along with his newlywed wife Natalie. They watched Hero Factor, and then came Nathan Brant, who as all the other bands, did a totally awesome show. During the last song, you could see everyone in the balcony, including the Hanson's jamming and dancing and just having a good time.

Then once it was over, Taylor and Natalie proceeded down the stairs, followed by fans. (Just FYI: Taylor & Natalie are SO cute together, and she was so sweet to everyone there) Taylor stopped to sign a few autographs. I ran up to him and began just talking to him. It went kinda like this Me: I talked to you like 2 months ago dude Taylor: what? Me: Yea, on the phone... Taylor: (eyes light up and he looks up in shock) OH REALLY?! Cool Me: Yea, now can you sign my pants? (hands taylor marker) Taylor: (laughing) your pants? (bends down and signs) Thats basically how it went lol then they left, and that ended fanfest short review, I know but below are some pictures






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