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Zac's Status


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Zac is currently... dating.

Zac's New Hair Cut
Thank you Ashley Greyson and for this pic

To Clear Things Up: Zac does NOT have a daughter named Ashley Marie, and her first birthday is not tomorrow. Zac does not have any children. Come on people, think. LOL

OK, now I have some info but I'm NOT sure if its true or not yet but I've received a lot of emails about Zac dating a girl named Victoria from Illinois. I have a ton of info on her including an email said to be hers but no pics or anything like that. So don't believe it just yet, I'm checking into it, but I'm just letting you guys know what I know.


V- from -V

Below: Kim, Tay, and 2 girls

Well I'm sure that you all have seen the picture of Zac and Kim floating around and have been wondering about it. Well its a good thing you came here then, huh? The pictures above are all of Kim and some with Zac and Tay. I also got you the untagged version of the Winter Formal Dance picture (very top of page).  I would like to thank 'anonymous' for the pics of Kim.
Information on Kim:
Name: Kim Collins
Age: Unknown (16 or 17)
Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Brother: Zach (18)
Knows Zac though: Admiral Twin (Her uncle is in Admiral Twin)
Dance Info: Kim and Zac attended the Winter Formal at her school together. They are not said to be seeing eachother
Local Info: It is said that her parents own Collins Liquor Store in Tulsa. (By Big Splash)
Kim and Zac are: Just friends.
Zac's Ex: Kate
Information on Kate:
Full Name: Kathryn Rebecca Tucker 
Goes By: Kate
Location: Ga
Occupation: Model
School: Graduate of Northgate High School
Friend Fact: She is Natalie's best friend.
Friend Fact 2: Her and Isaac introduced Taylor and Natalie.
*more pics and info coming soon*

Zac and Kate in NY '01

I know you all have seen the older pictures of Zac with Marion and heard the rumors about them, so here's info on her.
Marion Raven
Full name
: Marion Elise Ravn
Birthday: May 25th, 1984
Place of birth: LÝrenskog, Norway
Height: 5'7" (170cm)
Eye Color: Dark brown
Favorite Food: BBQ chips - haha
Favorite Drink: Fanta orange
Favorite Color: Purple (who would know)
Favorite Music: Everything from R&B to Rock, I am no big fan of Hard Rock though
Favorite Artist: Jennifer Brown
Favorite Album: "Vera" by Jennifer Brown
Favorite Actor/Actress: Christina Ricci!!
Favorite Movie: 6th sense
Favorite TV-Shows: I love cheesy tv-shows like 7th Heaven, I also love Friends. My favourite cartoons are South Park and Daria
Favorite Book: I like Danielle Steel
Favorite Game: ?
Favorite Sport: Soccer and volleyball
Hobbies: Music, drawing, friends and partying(!). Sit around the house all day in my PJ's
Turn Ons: Guys with cute behinds
Turn Offs: Begging like "Pleeeease!!"
I love people who... are themselves and don't try to act like someone else
I hate people who... always have to destroy everything and everybody
I admire: Anyone who is genuinely positive about everything
Personal Weakness: well... if I get mad at somebody I can really hold a grudge
Proudest Moment: Making "Shades of Purple"
Most Embarrassing Moment: Don't get me started... hehe
If you could have any three wishes granted, what would you ask for: Peace, love and maybe my own shopping center - haha
If you could bring only three items with you to a deserted island, what would you bring: A boat, a guy and my stereo, with lots of batteries and a cell phone would be nice
*As answered by Marion on their official M2M Website*


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