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Hanson Status


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Rumors: Please keep in mind that these are RUMORS going around and most are in fact NOT TRUE. These are just posted for your entertainment for humor so don't believe them and then go crazy.

  • Natalie is pregnant with Taylor's child.
  • Natalie is pregnant, thats why they had to get married so soon.
  • Tay's friends hate Natalie.
  • Zac got his hair cut.
  • Isaac is dating Amanda.
  • Zac's rumored girlfriends are: Kate (still), Kim, Victoria, Jersey, and Jordan. (Whew, what a pimp!!!)
  • Taylor is quitting the band Hanson to live with his new wife and baby.
  • Natalie is not pregnant. (still... no one knows for sure)
  • Natalie was reported to have "grinded" with Ashley Greyson.
  • Natalie beats Taylor... bruises.
  • Natalie cheated on Taylor and thats why they broke up.
  • Natalie's baby is not Taylor's but Natalie told Tay it was so he married her.

Have you heard any Hanson rumors lately?
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