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Hanson Status
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The New Assistant Web Master Updates....
Hey you Hanson FansMy English II Class thinks I'm Crazy!!!  Why you ask?  Well, They think I'm crazy because I, the one and only Brittany Gail King, went to THE TULSA OKLAHOMA, this past summer to find Hanson.   I found A house.  8124 S. Quebec Ave. haha.  We took a 150 mile detour to get there.  Well there isn't really any news on Hanson lately.  I'm sorry.  Well the Web Mistresses and I are talking and I think that you all will LOVE the new site when we get some news on Hanson. 
Well, i thought i might change the site some.  So remember, If Hanson chooses to "flush" away what they have, let them do it first, not the Fans"
How many of you like that new guy?  DAniel BettingsFord or something? hehe.  Well I love that song of his, Gotta Get Through This.  I'm going to break it down in the talent show to it. hehe
Little King
"You need to take time in your life to dream."

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