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Hanson Status
Taylor's Married


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Yep.. that's right. Mr. and Mrs. Jordan Taylor Hanson.
a.k.a. Taylor Hanson and Natalie Hanson

New Years Party
I've had this piv 4ever but kept forgetting to post it

Taylor comments on the wedding on!!!
FROM: Taylor
TITLE: Thanks everybody
MESSAGE: Hey everybody, it's Taylor. I know that you have been anxious to hear about the wedding and the marriage from the horses mouth. Sorry I have not been here a little sooner. I just wanted to thank everyone for their kind words and their support. Also thanks to everybody that has sent cards and gifts. That is very cool of you all. I have really enjoyed hearing your feedback and reading what you have to say. Thanks, TAYLOR

Name: Natalie Anne Hanson
Maiden Name: Natalie Anne Bryant
Age: 18
Birthday: There are many different rumors to when Natalie's birthday is. We've gotten: May 1983, Sept. 24th 1983, and December 28th, 1983. As soon as we find out for sure, we'll let u know!
Height: 5'6''
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Brown
Siblings: 1 Brother
School: Graduate of Northgate High School
Activities in High School: Choir, Musical, Cheerleading, Plays.
Family Fact: Her parents are divorced.
Where They Met: Lenox Mall in Buckhead
Met Through: Kate and Isaac
H.S. Fact: Natalie was one of the top in her class.
Birthday Fact: Taylor and Zac were in Ga for Natalie's birthday.
*More Coming Soon!*
If you have any information on Natalie or have a story about when you met her etc. please send it in to
Note: if you have Natalie facts, please state your source and send any proof you may have.



Taylor and Natalie in NY '01

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