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Hanson Status


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Stealing My Material

HansonStatus was a site for Hanson fans. It was made to give fellow fans the most accurate news, info and also give the fansons untagged pictures while other sites post their name or url on their pictures. Unfortunately due to a certain site stealing our material and posting it as their own giving absolutely NO credit to our site, things are going to change here.
Although I will not name the site, they know who they are and have stollen pictures off of HansonStatus and also off of our picturetrail photo album and went so far as to save it under the same name while still making no mention of this site.
We are fine with sharing things with fans and them saving them to their computer but if you are going to post our material, pictures, info, etc. on another website, message board, email, etc., we ask that you give this site credit for it or we will have to put a "right-click block" on this site.
How HansonStatus Works:
As many will vouch, if we find any pictures or material off of a site that we would like to host on our site we almost always ask that sites permission and if we don't ask, we ALWAYS give that site credit by either mentioning the site, posting a link, url, or something like that. We have been blamed for stealing other's material when in fact we have not. We give credit or get permission first and while some pictures on this site may be seen somewhere else, they have been donated by the owner of the pictures to be hosted on this site. We do NOT steal material so we hope that others will not either.
Thank you for understanding,
HansonStatus Staff

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