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Wedding Facts


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Taylor and Natalie's Wedding Facts

  • June 8th, 2002
  • Honeymoon: Hawaii
  • Fact: Most of Taylor's friends did not know about the wedding until the Monday after.
  • Natalie is not liked by many of Taylor's friends.
  • Pregnant or not? We still are not for sure.
  • There was a reception in Tulsa for Taylor's family and friends.
  • Natalie is moving to Tulsa with Taylor where they plan on getting their own place.
  • Wedding took place at Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, Georgia.
  • Neither Zac nor Isaac were Taylor's best man.
  • A promise-ring was the closest thing to an engagement ring that they had. Taylor gave it to Natalie at prom.
  • Natalie's bridesmaids were Kate Tucker, Brittany Beard, and Jessica Hanson.
  • Taylor's best men were Isaac, Zac, and Matthew Bryant.
  • Zoe Hanson was the flower girl and Mackenzie Hanson was the ring bearer.
  • Mrs. Diana Hanson sang "My Own True Love."
  • Bridesmaids wore red dresses and carried bouquets of white roses.
  • Natalie did walk down the isle with her father, Mr. James R. Bryant.
  • Natalie wore a white gown and her bouquet consisted of deep red roses.
  • The Reverend in charge of the service was Rev. Terry Thompkin.

Here is an article translated out of a Spanish Magazine:

While A.J. McLean of the Backstreet Boys plans to marry his girlfriend, Sarah Martin, on February 14 of next year, Taylor Hanson only 19 years old just said "I do" before God.

In a small and private ceremony in Pine Mountain, Georgia, Tay how he is called by friends, married his girlfriend, Natalie Anne Bryant, June 8.

"Our wedding was exactly how we envisioned it, romantic and intimate, and surrounded by our families and friends", said the young singer about the ceremony, where, according to witnesses, Diana Hanson, mother of the groom, cried.

The middle brother of the Hanson trio was dressed for the simple mass in a black suit with tie, while his bride of only 18 years settled with an elastic princess type dress. "Natalie and I are looking forward to our life together", Tay confessed confirming the unexpected event that took his fans by surprise as well as the press, who did not explain the reason until the day why the sudden decision.

Days later it was known through various internet pages, one of the reasons for the surprising event: Natalie is three months pregnant. According to friends of the couple, Tay's wife told them the news in April. "Taylor was surprised but happy. Tay's parents didn't know that they had sexual relations and when they found out about the pregnancy, they were mad. It was his parents who planned the wedding, since Taylor never even purposed to Natalie," said Tamika, an ex-classmate.

But that is not all. According to their close friends, Natalie is not going to college because "Tay has enough money to maintain her". The newly weds have not referred to this topic and much rather enjoy their new civil state, the same as when they were unmarried.

Beyond Natalie's pregnancy, it is clear that they are very much in love. In fact when Taylors brothers, Isaac and Zachary, were dating the girls of M2M, Marit and Marion,
the young keyboardist of the band preferred to accompany them with his future bride.

In spite of the evidence, Taylor preferred to keep his union with Natalie away from the press. Few times were they seen together in public and when he was asked regarding his romantic relationship, Tay answered evasively, "mmm... next question?"

For that reason, a lot of fans of the blonde blue-eyed singer, who jumped to fame along with his brothers in 1997 in hand with the song "MMMBop", were left in a state of shock. Some articles on the internet state that a fan in Arkansas killed herself when she found out about the wedding.

Between his tense sentimental life, the young artist takes time to focus on his musical work. On the professional level, the Hanson trio is in process of recording their next album, which will come out in 2003, with hopes that it will be as popular as This Time Around, their last album released in Chile in the year 2000.

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